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Introducing Horow Smart Toilets: A Step Into Modern Living

In the quest for a modern and luxurious bathroom experience, Horow presents its cutting-edge smart toilets. Among their impressive lineup, the Horow T05 stands out as a remarkable toilet and bidet combination. With instant heating seat, adjustable drying and water temperature, elongated bowl, automatic lid opening and closing, and intelligent features like night light and deodorization, Horow smart toilets redefine comfort and convenience. Join us as we delve into the features and benefits of the Horow T05, taking a step into modern living with this innovative addition to your bathroom.

Instant Comfort: Heating Seat and Adjustable Features

The Horow T05 smart toilet embraces instant comfort with its heating seat feature. No more unpleasant shocks from a cold seat during chilly mornings. Additionally, the T05 offers four levels of adjustable drying and water temperature, allowing you to personalize your bathroom experience according to your preferences. With the Horow T05, enjoy a warm and comfortable seat and customize your wash experience with ease.

Enhanced Comfort: Elongated Bowl and Automatic Functions

The elongated bowl of the Horow T05 smart toilet provides a more comfortable sitting position, ensuring maximum relaxation during your bathroom visits. Moreover, the automatic opening and closing lid and flush function eliminate the need for repetitive bending, saving you from unnecessary strain. These automatic functions streamline your bathroom routine, making it effortless and comfortable.

Intelligent Features for Added Convenience

Horow smart toilets are equipped with intelligent features that enhance convenience and elevate your bathroom experience. The T05 features an intelligent night light, providing gentle illumination during nighttime visits, eliminating the need for harsh lights that disrupt sleep. Additionally, the automatic deodorization function ensures a fresh and odor-free bathroom environment. With Horow smart toilets, convenience and comfort go hand in hand.


Step into modern living with Horow smart toilets, revolutionizing your bathroom experience. The Horow T05 combines innovative features such as instant heating seat, adjustable drying and water temperature, elongated bowl, automatic lid opening and closing, and intelligent functions like night light and deodorization. With Horow, you can indulge in a new level of comfort and convenience in your bathroom. Upgrade to a Horow smart toilet, be it the T05 or any other model, and embrace the modern lifestyle you deserve. Experience the future of bathroom technology with Horow and elevate your everyday routines to new heights of luxury and sophistication.


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