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Non-Invasive Genetic Testing: GeneMind Biosciences’ Revolutionary Approach

GeneMind Biosciences is a company headquartered in Luohu, Shenzhen that is committed to building a precision medical ecosystem through collaborations with genetic testing service providers and medical institutions. Their research and development laboratories and GMP production lines have enabled them to develop a range of DNA sequencing technologies, including their non-invasive genetic testing (NIGM) approach.

NIGM is a form of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) that uses next generation sequencing with cell-free DNA in maternal blood to evaluate possible chromosomal conditions in a pregnancy. NIGM can be performed as early as 9 gestational weeks using a single tube of blood. GeneMind’s NIGM offers a focused and clinically relevant menu that screens for chromosomal aneuploidies, specific sex chromosome aneuploidies, and pathogenic microdeletions/duplications.

Revolutionizing Prenatal Testing: GeneMind’s NIGM Delivers Unparalleled Benefits

The benefits of NIGM for prenatal testing are significant. It offers a simple test from a small 10ml maternal blood sample as early as 9 gestational weeks, with a proven >99% sensitivity based on a test of more than 20,000 pregnancies. NIGM also offers a fast and convenient test from sample preparation to report generation within 24 hours, with simplified operation and compatibility with most standard NGS library prep kits and bioinformatics tools.

GeneMind Biosciences’ approach to non-invasive genetic testing is revolutionizing the field of prenatal testing. Their NIGM approach provides accurate and efficient testing with a focused and clinically relevant menu. As they continue to advance in non-invasive genetic testing and other areas of DNA analysis, the potential impact on precision medicine and healthcare is significant.

non-invasive genetic testing is a revolutionary approach to prenatal testing, and GeneMind Biosciences is leading the way with their NIGM approach. Their work in NIGM and other areas of DNA analysis is contributing to the development of targeted


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