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Top Five Mosque Carpet Designs

Mosque carpets are more than just floor coverings; their gorgeous designs and intricate patterns provide both complete comfort and high aesthetic value. In addition, these carpets represent the devotion, faithfulness, and solidarity of mosque attendees. In this post, Carpet Dubai reveals the top five mosque carpet designs for the holiest mosque floor. Before selecting a design, you should examine the mosque’s interior concept, color palette, and other ornamental aspects to provide a high aesthetic value and personalized approach.

The best Mosque Carpet Designs offer a cultural and religious touch.
Mosque carpets are also known as prayer carpets, owing to their religious and cultural significance. A variety of natural and synthetic materials make these heavy-duty carpets, ensuring optimal underfoot comfort and durability. Furthermore, complex and artistic motifs decorate these carpets, reflecting the rich Islamic past.

  • Carpet designed for the Taj Mahal
  • Zam Zam Carpet Design.
  • Kashmir carpet with Shams (Mehrab) design.
  • Tabuk and Taj Mahal are two carpet designs.

1. Carpet designed for the Taj Mahal 

We print Taj Mahal artwork in a variety of neutral and bold colors (red, green, and blue) on Taj Mahal carpets to create a unique mosque floor surface. These carpets serve as the foundation for the Taj Mahal tomb, a symbol of religious and traditional aesthetics. However, geometric and other motifs decorate the floor covering’s footer and vertical sides.

Because of their superior stain, dust, and water resistance, these one-of-a-kind and exquisite carpets require less upkeep and care. Furthermore, these carpets’ outstanding heat resistance keeps their colors from deteriorating. Carpets Dubai offers these carpets in custom lengths, widths, and pile heights.

2. Zam Zam Carpet Design

Zam Zam Carpet Design. Zam Zam carpets are also popular due to their universal design, which explains religious and cultural conventions. We make these carpets in a variety of intriguing colors, such as red, blue, green, light blue, and rusty, to complement any interior style. The carpet top surface features floral, flowing, and other ornamental motifs in contrasting hues. Its bottom, like the Taj Mahal carpet, features geometric and motif patterns.

Polypropylene, lurex, wool, acrylic, and their mixtures are among the fabric materials used to make these carpets.

3. Kashmir Carpet Design

Kashmir Mosque Carpet Design Kashmir is another inspiring pattern for mosque carpets that reflects the rich Islamic tradition and culture. These carpets have plain designs as well as bold hues like red, blue, navy, green, black, and grey to give them a distinct appearance. This carpet’s top surface features a basic pattern with prominent dots in contrasting hues. However, the bottom surface reflects several strips with geometric or figural designs.

We make these carpets from a blend of wool, cotton, and silk for added durability. These popular carpets also have “Mehrab” artwork on the upper header area. This carpet’s simple and elegant pattern evokes feelings of tranquility, peace, and spirituality.

4. Shams (Mehrab) Design

Shams (Mehrab) Carpet Design Shams carpet design is also popular because of its distinctive blend of modern and traditional cultures. Mehrab covers the top surface, reflecting traditional culture, while the lower abstracted strips showcase modern design. A galaxy of bright dots surrounds the Mehrab artwork, enhancing the carpet surface. This design is also available in a variety of bright and bespoke colors to suit the mosque’s interior theme requirements.

Aside from their aesthetic value, these carpets are also more useful in repelling dust, stains, and mold. These carpets come in a variety of thicknesses and pile heights for maximum comfort and durability.

5: Tabuk-designed 

Carpets are ideal for creating symbolic and patterned mosque floors. Unlike other floor covering styles, this carpet does not have a header and instead features a bold footer. The footer features a pattern of several classical and traditional strips with geometric objects. The carpet above the footer features the same flowing, flowery, decorative, and geometric pattern.

These carpets are available in a variety of vivid colors, including brown, green, red, blue, and golden. Environmentally friendly materials such as acrylic, wool, silk, cotton, and polypropylene, used in the construction of these carpets, ensure the floor surface remains free from dust, stains, and heat.


To summarize this topic, we can conclude that each carpet pattern reflects Islamic history, religious norms, and harmony in its own distinct way. Carpet in Dubai has identified the top five carpet styles to make mosque floors more aesthetically pleasing and elegant. You can choose any personalized design based on fabric quality, contrasting color, and ideal size. You can also ensure compatibility with the mosque’s ceiling, wall design, and other decorative components.


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