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Unleash the Power of Light Sky’s Lunar Max: The Ultimate DJ Sharp Light

Are you eager to find energy-efficient and powerful DJ Sharp Lights? Look no further than Light Sky‘s Lunar Max, the ultimate moving head beam that will take your stage lighting to new heights. With its high-precision optics, impressive structure, and sleek appearance, the moving head beam-Lunar Max has set a new industry standard for performance and reliability.

Elevate your stage lighting with the lunar max

Light Sky understands the importance of creating the perfect stage lighting setup. That’s why the Lunar Max is designed to be easy to install and portable, making it convenient for any event or venue. Its heat resistance and anti-aging features ensure that your stage lighting remains flawless, even during the most intense performances.

Unleash the magic with the Lunar Max

The Lunar Max is not just any moving head beam; it’s a powerhouse of innovation and creativity. With its special OSRAM lamp, jointly developed by Light Sky and OSRAM, the Lunar Max delivers unparalleled brightness, super color saturation, and a long lifespan of up to 4000 hours. Whether you need to create a fat beam effect or a captivating prism display, the Lunar Max has got you covered.

Featuring an array of prisms, including 6 facet, 8 facet, 24 facet, and 48 facet options, the Lunar Max allows for endless possibilities in creating strong three-dimensional effects. With a total lumen output of 14000lm and a high CRI of 80, this moving head beam produces pure, bright, and saturated light that will captivate your audience.

The Lunar Max is not limited to a specific type of event or venue. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including Bar KTV, concerts, performance shows, commercial shows, weddings, theaters, parties, music festivals, and even auto shows. Its compact size and lightweight design, weighing only 22.5kg, make it easy to transport and install wherever you need it.

Light Sky’s Lunar Max is the DJ Sharp Light you’ve been waiting for. With its advanced optical system, powerful lamp technology, and versatile effects, it brings a new level of energy and excitement to your stage lighting setup. Elevate your performances, create stunning visual displays, and unleash the magic with the Lunar Max. Visit Light Sky’s website today and explore the endless possibilities this moving head beam has to offer.


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