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Fitcare HW851: The Ultimate Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Introducing the Fitcare HW851 Armband Heart Rate Monitor, meticulously crafted to elevate fitness experience, especially in swimming and professional fitness endeavors. As a leading optical heart rate monitor, the HW851 is tailored to excel in high-intensity interval training, providing precise heart rate feedback crucial for pushing limits while safeguarding against sports injuries.

Precision for High-Intensity Workouts

The Fitcare HW851 is engineered to deliver unparalleled precision during strenuous exercises, ensuring accurate heart rate monitor for swimming even in the most demanding situations. Whether engaging in rigorous swimming sessions or intense interval training, the HW851 offers reliable heart rate feedback to help optimize performance and achieve fitness goals.

Designed for Swimming and Professional Fitness

Unlike traditional optical heart rate monitor, the Fitcare HW851 is specifically designed for swimming and professional fitness use. Its waterproof construction and advanced technology make it the ideal companion for swimmers seeking to track heart rate metrics accurately underwater. Additionally, fitness enthusiasts engaged in professional training can rely on the HW851 to provide valuable insights into workout intensity and progress.

Break Through Limits

With the Fitcare HW851 by your side, breaking through limits has never been more achievable. By providing real-time heart rate feedback, this advanced armband heart rate monitor empowers users to push themselves further, surpassing previous performance benchmarks and reaching new heights in their fitness journey.

Prevent Sports Injuries

Accurate heart rate monitoring is essential for preventing sports injuries and optimizing recovery. The Fitcare HW851’s precision tracking capabilities ensure that users can monitor heart rate with confidence, reducing the risk of overexertion and minimizing the likelihood of injuries during intense workouts.


Experience the next level of fitness monitoring with the Fitcare HW851 optical heart rate monitor. Whether a competitive swimmer or a professional athlete, the HW851 is designed to meet needs, providing accurate heart rate feedback and invaluable insights into training sessions. Don’t let limitations hold you back – unlock full potential with the Fitcare HW851 and take fitness journey to new heights as your heart rate monitor for swimming.


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